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Behind the Scenes at Juuicee.com 💖

This is me! My name is Tallah. And this is my Body-confidence life! I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I run juuicee.com. I consider myself a juuicee (joo-see) girl. I want to help bring out the juuicee girl in all women no matter size, shape, or age. I've been told I look great. And I feel great about who I am! I'm a size 14 to 18 most of the time. I was a juuicee size 22 about 5 years ago. I know what it feels like to fluctuate up and down in weight. In 2013, I lost a total of 50 lbs in about 3 months by changing my eating lifestyle. I found after years of yo-yo dieting that it wasn't so much how much I was eating, but the things I was choosing to eat (carbs are not my friend). I chose to get in shape by walking every day and shaping my body to a lovely full figure using shape-wear like corsets and waist trainers. I love the way I look. And I work on looking my best and feeling my best everyday by eating high quality foods, drinking a lot of water, and wearing bodycon clothing that flatters my figure (bodycon blouse and jumper examples shown below). 

My Bodycon Style With Waist Trainer


The pic below is what I'm currently working on. To wear a Bodycon jumper one piece, you want to have a nice hourglass shape. I'm starting an exercise program to tone my target spots: arms, back, tummy, waist. Great shape and good health is my goal. Size 12 is my ideal size, with slim waist. 😍 😍 

Bodycon Next Level for Me 

 I'm always updating my style with the newest makeup and hair. I started wearing wigs and weaves as a way to quickly update my look on a weekly or daily basis depending on the event (or how I feel). My preference and recommendation to my clients is to wear, at minimum, front lace wigs because they are very natural looking and provide the most value for money spent. The most affordable front lace wigs are synthetic, but can vary in length of use depending on how often it is worn. I recommend having a daily wear piece for work and one for special occasions. Synthetic wigs can last from several weeks to several months. For a better return on investment, I recommend a human lace front wig for daily wear. A human lace front can be washed repeatedly. hot-curled, flat-ironed, and colored. It will last for up to 2 years if properly cared for (wig shown above is a Brazilian straight synthetic in black/wine 22" and Brazilian straight black 26"). 

My tips for timeless facial and body beauty is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! The skin on the face and body looses elasticity over time. The more moisture applied, the more supple and youthful the skin will continue to look. I highly recommend natural skin and facial products. I use 100% pure shea butter and coconut oil on my face and body daily. These oils can be used after showering or bathing on the entire body. They can also be used nightly before going to bed. I even apply shea butter to my feet and put on cotton socks for sleeping. (Note: these oils will act as tanning agents if worn outside. So, if you are fair or easily burn, it is best to apply these oils at home or at night and apply sunscreens for outdoors and during the day. All skin types) The makeup I use is very simple. No foundation most of the time except a homemade recipe made of natural ingredients of cocoa powder and shea butter or coconut oil (for photos). To maintain my youthfulness, I use glitter liquid eyeshadow in natural shades of pink, gold, black, and white. I apply glitter liquid lipgloss in pinks, rose gold, and clear. I use eyeliners sometimes. Here, I'm using magnetic eyelashes for a timeless babydoll look. 

Most importantly, I am big on being beautiful on the inside. I do things that make me happy and make me smile (I still watch cartoons). :) I have hobbies! I love to  travel. I make a habit of staying in touch! I love to visit with friends. And I love people! I think of life as one big adventure we're all on together! I make it my goal to experience new things on a regular basis - new or unusual food, new locations around my home town, other countries, getting to know people outside my culture, etc. I'm one of those people who can talk to a person I've never met in the grocery store line like I've known them my entire life. Life and joy is the most important thing to me. I try not to sweat the small stuff. There's a logical solution for everything. It may not be comfortable to do, but there is a solution. So, that's how I view life. And this is what I want to share with others...being as beautiful as possible in an eternally youthful kind of way. I think the products and styles we offer promote that. 💖💖 My best advice: Love Yourself! 💖💖

Life is Like a Beautiful Flower



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