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Corsets: Finding Your Form-Fitting Secret

Jasmine's Tiny Waist
Jasmine's Tiny Waist Ideal
Why is Jasmine the ideal queen? She has a youthful look and a shapely waist. It's flattering for women of all ages to attain this look no matter what size they are. Women have been corseting for ages. I have seen and known women, who although they are a juuicee larger size, they posses a waist that is proportional to the size of their bust-line and hips. This is ideal and easily obtainable using the proper products and methods of waist training.
If a woman happens to have an issue with tummy control only, then an under-bust corset waist trainer is best. When issues exist with the tummy and waist, then an over bust corset works well. If the issue is with the tummy, waist, and back, then a under or over bust corset with shoulder straps is the answer. We've tested all three methods. 
Underbust Corset Before and After
The issue with using tummy-only control products is that they have a tendency to roll up or down with movement. If a slight muffin top exists, the tummy-only corset waist trainer should enhance the form and make clothing look great, but should not roll up or bunch under clothing. If a women wants true control without the worry of embarrassing bunching, then an over or under-bust corset with or without shoulder straps is the best option provided the clothing worn is not too tight or revealing. If the issue is in the back as well, then shoulder straps are beneficial and will eliminate the appearance of bulging above the top of the  corset. As the corset will be used to aid in weightloss and waist slimming, the back size will also be in proportion. The over bust corset is a best-kept secret to boosting the breasts to make them look fuller and more shapely. Corseting also naturally enhances the look of the booty as it reduces the size of the waist. So, while you may feel you do not have a lot of junk in the trunk, the corset gives the illusion.
Corset Slimming Over Time
The ultimate in waist forming and back control is the over or under bust corset with straps. It gives girls who love to rock form fitting outfits ultimate control. We recommend this most for juuicee girls who are into bodycon, bandage, and "skinnies" styles or the tiny waist look. The corset slimming technique does take time and will slim the waist gradually when worn regularly. The corset acts in two ways at once. While the waist is in the slimming process, the corset will give ladies a form-fitting look in the process. So you are aware, the slimming process is even further aided by a lifestyle change "diet" and exercise of course. In the meantime, we'll get you looking like a super-heroine in no time!

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