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Creating Happiness: Making Your Own Joy!

   I am a champion of joy. I love to laugh. And I'm like a big kid. This is what I feel is my #1 secret to being happy and maintaining my youthfulness. Here's a video I watch over and over. Laughter is an emotion no one should ever be without. As you may know by now, stress is a silent killer. It can cause all kinds of ailments like depression, sleeplessness, and even physical pain. Worry can cause wrinkling in the face and bend the body into a sulking posture. Look at the following pictures and notice how it makes you feel. Do you feel different? Better?

Laughter is Living

What Could Be So Hilarious To This Man?

    I'm not sure what is so funny to this man, but I know the look on his face has made me smile. And looking at the ladies above remind me of the good time I had this past weekend. Use any means necessary to care for your own emotional and physical health, even if that means taking a day or two to tend to the things that make you experience joy. You will find that your inner state will begin to reflect in your outer world, in every aspect. Note* This does take time to develop. You may not see everything in your existence overnight, so be prepared to make this a permanent practice and daily habit fro best results. <3 <3 <3 For maximum health benefit for today, copy and paste the following link into your browser and feel this joy!

Laughter On a Train











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