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Juuicee Body Blog: How Do I Take Booty Shots Without Using My Hands?

Q: How Do I Take Booty Shots Without Using My Hands?


Q: How to take good booty shots?

These are two questions being asked online and I want to sum it by saying, "very carefully". Taking pics of yourself and other objects can be exhausting. Take. Retake. This angle. That angle.

To get all your pics just right, you really just need a way to position your camera so you can see how you're going to look while you strike the perfect pose. A selfie tripod is the best thing I've personally seen on the market so far. I use it to take stable videos for YouTube posts and stable pics of my clothes for use online. The best thing is I can see my shot in screen while I adjust for the perfect pose and check for the best background as well. It comes with a handy Bluetooth remote, so I never have to touch the cam while I get that perfect shot. 

Seriously, if you really wanna know how, then check out the product I use for taking amazing remote shots of anything! Requires no hands and you can take as many pics as you like! <3

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