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Juuicee Body Blog: My Un-Photoshopped Life

I am a beautiful woman. I don't like being told something is wrong with my  size 14/16 body. I happen to think I'm very sexy and delicious! And frankly, I don't want to be a size 0. It's not the norm in our society and it's not going to be a realistic or attainable goal for most women. Statistics show that the average size for women is 12.

I prefer to embrace my body positive attributes and enhance what I have. My weight loss journey started at 275 lbs about 5 years ago. So, far I've dropped about 50 lbs. and 4 dress sizes. My blood pressure is just about normal and I am happy. I like my curves and the freckles on my face. And hey, I'm ok with my chocolate chip muffin top (I came by it proper). I work with it using various different methods and many of the body slimmer products I promote.

Now, tbh I have considered a booty enlargement using my own extra fat cells. Whatever I chose to do with my body, I just wanna do it my way. And I think all women would like a boost of confidence and do not necessarily want to pay for expensive or harmful cosmetic surgeries. I'm a juuicee woman and I'm good being me. It's the motivating theme behind the store name and products I love so much.

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