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Juuicee Bodycon Girl: The Power of Black

We are juuicee bodycon girls. We love, love, love form fitting dresses that show off our sexy shapes, but we wanna rock them at sizes 14-26W and still look incredibly amazing, flawless, perfectly proportioned and all that. We want to walk into a room and have our man's eyes on us and make everyone else jealous. Ok, maybe we're a little bit obsessed, but this obsession drives the juuicee vision to make all women look ravishing and men get thirsty! You feel us?

But how do you truly rock bodycon when you don't exactly come by it naturally? 

You wear the right colors and material!

Can all of these women wear bodycon?


The answer is "Yes"! And you won't even have to hide your shape because we're going to show you the ropes. The #1 goal is to wear the bodycon style that compliments your best while finessing your troublesome spots. 

Every girl has a bodycon fox inside her! The juuicee bodycon girl is a mindset that slays in just about any dress like a real b and own it!

Warning! Once you acquire this mindset you will be fierce and unstoppable. A switch flips inside a girl who gets a hold of these secrets. Once she goes Code Dress Black she can not go back!

First of all, in case you didn't already know, there's a reason every girl has to own a little black dress. Black creates a slimming effect that is unparalleled.

If you happen to have a larger upper body and wanna appear a bit smaller up top, then wear black blouses. If the bottom is larger, then reverse and wear black slacks and pants, leggings, etc. 

Both of these women have the right idea when wearing black to give a smaller appearance to the buttocks and thighs. They both also have the right idea when wearing spandex to accentuate the waist and hips. Most important thing to avoid: Do not use any extra add-ons such as butt pads. In the moment, they may seem like a good idea, but once you get to the club or work, you'll realize how fake it looks and you'll rush to take it off in the ladies room Lol!

Take a look in the mirror in your little black dress or skirt or blouse and tell us how you feel. Send us a pic! Come back later for more tips and tricks to a slimmer looking you. 



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