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Tiny Waist Trending Up ↝ ↝

So, you're looking around the internet these days and seeing women with tiny waists and huge derrieres and thinking, "how do I get a shape like that"? 

There's this new trend that's really an old trend called "corseting". It was done as a practice in Victorian times for most women where they used a material, usually made of silk or velvet and filled with constricting steel boning that seriously constricted the waist. Sometimes this practice was further enhanced by having the lower ribs surgically removed to further reduce the size of the waist. This practice isn't around anymore but the quest for a flattering 36", 28", 36" still is.

Iconic Marilyn Monroe Corset

Bey Wearing a Modern Corset Over Bust Style

We all remember the iconic pictures of famous women like Marilyn Monroe and as of late Kim K with the small waist and big badonkadonk. Some will say that corseting is dangerous and not recommended, but like it or not, women are still doing it in similar ways. Corsets are making a comeback. Stars like Madonna and Kylie Jenner promote waist shaper products. However, the products you may see them wearing are actually waist cinchers made of elastic materials like latex and neoprene. Corsets contain steel boning. The steel bones are responsible for properly reducing the size of the waist. 

I see posts in online forums asking, if "corseting is dangerous'? And the answer is, "no" if done the proper way. In short, if you want to shape the waist and are wearing a corset that feels too tight and constricting then it should be loosened immediately or simply taken off. A corset should be snug not choking. Corseting will bring down the size of the waist gradually over time. It gives a much more smooth look to the waistline and makes the clothing being worn look much more flattering. It's a method I've been using for nearly a year now.

The Before and After of Corseting 

The moral of the story is that corseting and waist cinching does work when it is worked the proper way. It is safe. Corsets can be worn under clothing as a way to reduce waist size. It can be worn over clothing as a style. It can also be worn as a standalone fashion piece. The difference is in the inner workings of the corset chosen.

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